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Fashion is Incomplete without Jewellery

For thousands of years, humans have been customizing their clothes with jewellery. Regardless of the material it has been made from, every jewel they wear somehow adapts to their costumes to produce
a different look altogether. But what exactly is jewellery and what has kept its use in continuity throughout the multiple ages of mankind? Like it is very commonly said, each of the humans is different, meaning to say that each of them has a unique pattern of thinking, a different taste in selecting the type of clothing to wear, distinctive cultural beliefs and practices, etc. And despite these differences, he or she is special. But even then, one thing can be said with certainty that every being wishes to appear good. It would also not be wrong to say that so many humans have come and gone but they all had some level of fondness for jewellery. One of the things worth noting would be that though we all differ in the quality and quantity of the ornaments that we put on ourselves but we have a desire to build enchanting jewellery collections. Some people may not be wearing jewellery every other day but they do have an amazing assemblage. Let us ponder more to know what we attach with these jewels that they become so special and meaningful for us?
In the simplest of words jewellery can be understood as a collective term to signify commodities, such as, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, earrings, etc., which are used for decorating the body, therefore, making the appearance of the wearer more appealing and attractive. This is what most of today us understand it as, however, the meaning of jewellery was not exactly the same some centuries ago. In the initial stages of the emergence of jewellery, while some men and women did consider this brilliant discovery as a means of approaching more closely towards beauty, to others ornaments remained special objects with some kind of mystical powers that could invite good fortune or protect against demonic energies. During the ancient period, in particular, women have fancied flowers for decorating themselves on various occasions. They would place them over their ears or weave them with their braids to associate more closely with beauty in its natural form. Sometimes they would tie
them into a string to create a neck-piece. Likewise, they would wear them on their hands. However, most of the flowers live for one day or less. This may have lead to the idea of creating something perennial which would last for apparently a longer time.
Interestingly, man found the source for the same in nature. Wooden beads, colored stones, shells, metals, especially of the precious kind, bones, etc., were woven in enthralling patterns to create extraordinary jewels for customizing with clothes. But then again the question arises that why all the generations of humans had and still have the desire for jewellery. The simple answer is that the look of any costume is incomplete without jewellery. A manner of wearing clothes and accessories or ‘fashion’, as we would call it today, has become a practice which we all, consciously or unconsciously, follow. It is formed by the most prevailing styles as well as the latest trends. Fashion has taught us to exhibit the courage to wear something different because usual can be monotonous and boring. The utmost characteristic of fashion is that it keeps changing every now and then. And the larger segment of credit would go to the iconic personalities and celebrities who not only create but also bring to the audience a fresh style of clothes and fashion accessories.
Jewellery with hefty structures and traditional designs was the most popular among both men and women during the ancient times and so were long chains formed with multiple pearls and precious metals. Collar necklaces or close-fitting pieces for neck were worn most by women. While the same necklaces are prevalent even today, additions like dangling chains or drops have been made to them to make them look more contemporary and modern. The jhumka earrings are traditional Indian accessories which were admired hugely by Indian women. These still enjoy the same affection today but their popularity has become widespread in regions beyond India too. In the recent years they have come to be more elaborately detailed with not just precious, semi-precious but artificial stones as well. Also, they are no longer paired with traditional and cultural costumes only but with western wear like denims and short kurtis too, because now the concern is with looking more charming. Hence, the ways of wearing jewels have undergone change and have further strengthened the importance of jewellery.
Fashion is not merely about looking glamorous all the time. It is also about making your appeal more impressive and influential depending upon your profession as well as attributes. Queens always wore jewellery even when there was no festive or special occasion. In jewellery they found a way of celebrating their dignity and rank in the state. It would be worth pondering that had they chosen to remain simple, they would have been counted amongst the common people. Also, with jewellery adding to their sovereign appeal, they had been able to exercise their supreme powers and function their duties with greater feel and strength, like crowns enable them to signify their authority more strongly. Similarly, brides cannot be said to be complete without traditional sort of ornaments, especially the ones with floral patterns. Most of us would agree with the idea that the most special thing to women about marriages is bridal jewellery. They have always dreamt of what their dresses would be like and the right type of jewellery which would enhance these dresses. We can also understand this through a modern example. The function of an employer or businessman is to work at the executive level and plan the betterment of his or her organization. The manner of clothing and accessorizing would either intensify or diminish the appeal of such a person. People engaged in the professional arena and that too at important positions choose to wear jewellery which seems elegant and sophisticated. Men in the corporate world look more assertive when they wear gold chains with slender structures and chained bracelets. Classy stud earrings, silver pendants and elegant rings would
carry working women seamlessly for longer durations.
Another notable attribute of jewellery is that it keeps reviving as well, meaning to say that the older forms emerge again with some form of transition made. Beaded jewellery would be the best example to understand this. Necklaces and bracelets formulated with beads spoke largely about cultures and traditions. Beadwork has been immensely crucial to Africa. To Africans, beads represent spirituality. They would wear beaded ornaments with specific patterns depending on the occasion. But has the practice remained restricted to Africa? Or has it been adopted by inhabitants of the regions beyond it? While people can be seen spotted wearing beaded jewellery around the globe, they may or may not be wearing it with the same cultural perspective but to add a little glimmer to their attires. It brings out the cheerful side of the wearer when customized with casuals. Multicolor beaded bracelets when worn in stacks produce an exotic look.
The mass production of jewellery with machines is itself a factor that indicates the demand as well as significance it has obtained in the contemporary days. Silver jewellery, gold jewellery, diamond jewellery and jewellery with precious gemstones have always been high in demand despite their rising prices because people feel special when they perfect their appearance with fine jewellery. For people who may not be able to afford fine jewellery, an excellent alternative is beaded jewellery, fashion jewellery as well as metal jewellery. However, this is not to say that these types are not preferred by those who can bear the expense of precious ornaments without burning holes in their pockets. Each type of jewellery comes with its own beauty, the only difference is of the type of material used in the formulation. The craze for fashion jewellery has increased immensely due to its innovative use of vibrant colors. It has given the people some of the most adorable inventions, such as, ornaments featured with pom poms and tassels. These may lack the sparkle of the metals but the produce a pleasing appearance which brings out the look of the costume of the wearer. These puffy and gentle embellishments brighten not only the garments but also add freshness to the mood of the person who is wearing these.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Rise of An Indian Women’s Fashion

“Fashion is the aroma that spreads the fragrances of people”. In India, fashion industry has both couture from clothes made by fashion designers and the attires manufactured on wider commercial stores and by mail order. As we all know India fashion varies from one village to another from one state to another state. It is a treasure trove of different culture, embroidery styles, designs, colors, techniques, and motifs. People from ancient times generally used no stitching moreover Indian people knew about sewing. Some of the clothes like traditional dhoti, scarf, designer lehenga cholis are still continued to be the part of Indian fashion styles!

Likewise, for women, they are lower garments that can be pair up with stanapatta forms and again it consists of cloth that does not require any stitching, the stanapatta being basically attached in a tangle at the back.

Well, all types of Indian sarees is a preferable dress among the Indian women.  Sarees is a long piece
of cloth in different textures, embroidery, and patterns. People usually go for online saree shopping because they find lot of varieties and money saving discounts. Another popular dress in Indian fashion style is Salwar suits. This attire makes women comfortable and respectable in the regions of Kashmir and Punjab along with all regions of India. So, here the majority wins, Indian women wear ethnic clothes and when we saw men, they’re generally more conventional western clothing shirt and trousers.

However, small-town men are likely to be comfortable in traditional attire like dhotis, lungis and kurta pyjamas. All of the Indian styles and clothes are marked by different variations!

To maximize the look of sarees, indo-western, salwar kameez, gowns, lehengas ornaments is must necessary. Various designer ornaments of silver, metals, and gold often with lovely gems and beads and necklaces are quietly popular fashion accessories across Indian women of all ages.

Nowadays, the rise of fashion in our country created opportunities for Indian fashion designers. They do not excellent artists but should have skills to combine tones, shades, and colors. Many of the ethnic wear manufacturers in India have largely been popularized by their latest trendy collection.


Indian fashion evolves different cultures, each has several types of clothes! Likewise, Indian culture itself, our fashion industry is always mutation and changing to absorb the new trends for men’s, women’s and kids. For everyone variety choices extends not just to the traditional outfits like sarees and salwar kameez suits but people also go for Indo western gown, tunics, kurta and palazzos.

The Perfect Style Women Fashion Dresses

Western dresses up for women comprise a democratic trend in the fashion globe of twenty-first century. On speedy globalization, a lot and a lot of women are coming to the fore to contend on the men in business circuit. It guides to accrued vulnerability of women to the western globe, and successively, alterations their article of clothing flair. Modern women fashion dresses are to the full witting of their beauty and elegance. A western dress as women constitutes the elemental resolution to the fashion of altogether fashion-conscious modern Indian women. It is neither as well Indian neither orientated nor besides westernized. Disregard less of whatever particular tendencies toward any civilization or custom, they accommodate ideally to the appreciation of all woman.

Blended in with deep assortment of impresses and colorings and high quality textiles, western clothes for women accept already produced an exceptional corner for style devotee’s end-to-end the world. Indian women accept come to the fore by their established decks up like sarees and salwar-kameez
and bear stimulated because the westernized fashion of fits out. Cultural touch on western appears is immediately the buzzword since western clothes stylus of fashion. They declare one across-the-board range of Women clothes some as conventional Indian women and for westernized position. Since a multitude of non-resident Indian women who is abiding in Britain or United States of America because decades, this fashionable garments with Indian adjoin offering matchless good-hearted of unhappy feelings. Hence, women of Indian inheritance choose so much apparel to additional apparel fabrics. Such as western dresses cover whole sections of garmenting for Indian womanliness even or accidental dresses, skirts, trousers, women’s tops, ladies t-shirts, Ladies Trouser etc.

Western dresses for women extend a complete synchronization of deuce worlds to the style devotees. These fashionable style blends in a different westernized fashion expressive style like waists, low-necked, short sleeves, necklines, deep necklets. In Indian dress format. Furthermore, these styles accept no fixed sizing and figure and could comprise adjudicated by wholly. For example, different women’s top is the cutting-edge craze from the newer women. Long slits and fruitless tops about deep necks are identical fashionable and favorites to the younger generations. They're absolutely appropriate for company meeting or for social affair.

Mattel’s New Black Barbie’s Hair Isn’t Offensive — It’s Just a Few Years Too Late

people are really in their feelings about a black Barbie doll’s hairdo. Last week, the Barbie Style Instagram posted a photo of three dolls enjoying a movie night. While the two white dolls, a platinum blonde and a brunette, wear their hair in simple ponytails, the black Barbie rocks a more avant-garde ’do: Part of her hair is black and cornrowed, and the other part is blonde and wavy.

Immediately, dozens of people replied to Mattel, saying that the doll’s hairstyle doesn’t represent black women. Some said that no black woman would style her hair like the Barbie in question. Others argued that it looks like the doll was mid-weave and forgot to sew in the remaining tracks. And a vocal contingent actually liked the hairstyle.

Barbie fans are so invested in the doll’s look that the Instagram post now has more than 850 comments, all with different takes on the style. But can any black doll represent all black women? Can any black woman?

If you argue that Michelle Obama’s hair is representative of black women, natural hair wearers may point to filmmaker Ava DuVernay’s locs instead. Praise a bottle blonde like Mary J. Blige or Beyonc√© and someone may counter that a dark-haired black woman is a better example. There’s no winning this debate since black women are as diverse as their many hairstyles.

 Shakira with part of her hair cornrowed, while the rest hangs loose.
Shakira’s hairstyle looks a lot like the black Barbie’s hairstyle that’s causing contentious debate.
Photo: John Parra/WireImage
The problem here isn’t that this particular doll’s hair doesn’t represent black women’s hair, it’s that the look she’s rocking is five years too late. Let’s rewind to 2013. That year, Rihanna, Jada Pinkett Smith, Cassie, Avril Lavigne, and Kesha all rocked the hairdo known as the Skrillex. Its namesake is the electronic music DJ who shaved one side of his hair and let the rest flow freely. Skrillex didn’t invent this hairstyle, which has punk roots; he’s simply the most recent high-profile person to wear it.

 Rihanna’s hair took inspiration from DJ Skrillex
Rihanna performing with a side-shaved hairdo. WireImage
When Skrillex’s signature look took Hollywood by storm, some entertainers weren’t all in enough to shave off a third of their hair. Shakira, Kristen Stewart, and Carmen Electra replicated the Skrillex by cornrowing one section and leaving the rest loose. That’s likely this doll’s hairstyle inspiration. She’s a little bit Skrillex and a little bit Rihanna and Shakira. So much time has passed since the style’s heyday, however, that many people have simply forgotten it.

Still, a cursory search of “punk hairstyles” pulls the faux Skrillex right up. So don’t get mad at Mattel for purportedly misrepresenting black women. Get mad at Mattel for being a little slow — okay, a lot slow — on hairstyle trends. And if you hate this doll’s hair, it’s not as if she’s the only black doll available in its Fashonistas line.

Black dolls with Afros; Afro puffs; and a short bleached natural, √† la Amber Rose, are part of Barbie’s new crew. Forty dolls of all races, with seven body types, 11 skin tones, and 28 hairstyles are featured.

Mattel launched the line of Barbies partly in response to years-long criticism that its dolls promoted unrealistic beauty standards. Now that it has an array of dolls, accept the fact that some of them you’ll dig and others you won’t. The important thing is that finally, you’ll have a few more options.

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Comfortable Summer Dresses for Women

There are very few women who prefer and also appreciate summer season, but the same is opposite with other women. They hate summers because summers are too hot and irritating especially when we sweat a lot. The section of women who love summers is because they can very well expose their body figure by wearing some beautiful collection of some good summer apparels and also make other women jealous by showing off their beautiful summer dresses.

Now summers are a big issue for those big fat ladies, as there finds trouble in finding extra large size summer dresses for them. Before you purchase summer dresses for women, there are a couple of things you should consider firstly the length of the dress and then the size. There are many people who believe that summer dresses for women may not be quite suitable as well as comfortable for them during hot weather of summer. However, to satisfy your desire of wearing these dresses that come in full length do get the best ones for you, as these full length summer clothes are very comfortable and free for every women to wear and even they perspire less in summers and look fresh always. The second step is to choose the best quality material before buying any of those summer clothes. Check before you make any purchase that the fabric used of the dress should be very light weight and should allow some fresh air to pass through it in order to keep your skin fresh looking. For those women who have fat arms or swollen arms, you can select some cool summer dresses having full sleeves to conceal you arms. So, with infinite number of latest fashion of summer clothing available in the market, you can definitely buy some good stuff for yourself this summer.

Women love to be appealing and gorgeous by wearing some good and cool summer dresses, to enhance their beauty in front of their friends. It becomes quite difficult to stock and cater the taste of every women clothing style. But in many cases, we find that there is similar taste for summer clothing for women with a very minor difference of opinion in style or pattern. For women who are taller in height, always prefer to have short dresses t show their tall legs and height. They often prefer sundress that matches their height and physical appearance. n. today we find that during summers, there are many varieties of summer dresses and clothing for men and women, but different people have different taste and style. So, people manufacture summer clothes for women of their choice and also the ones that are very famous and trendy.

The question is from where can women purchase the most unique and perfect summer clothing for women? To this my answer is surely online. When you make your purchase online, you will get multiple options and patterns available in different website ad also at affordable prices. So don’t waste time going shop to shop, just buy the best summer dress for your self from online with just a click.

The Reason Why Fashion Design Drawing Important in Fashion Industry?

When we want to work as a style custom, they need to have the talents and the ability’s to execute the job. It's not only about the chance to create new dress, identifying the new patterns or improvements in the trend industry, but additionally about the chance to draw the paintings. Not many people are aware that having the ability to draw is also important since it allows many people to determine the preliminary design and ides before everything is turned into the real products.

Fashion design drawing is very important and essential if a developer wants to show his idea. The drawing is basically a variety of transformation where the designer transcribes his ideas into the real shapes and forms in the shape of sketches. From this point, other people can understand what he wants, what he needs, or the lack of things from his design. The drawing will be the first 'real' form of the design before it is adjusted into the real trend objects. Without the drawing, the thought of the structure will still be vague and folks cannot understand it.

Not many people realize that the drawing skill is also important. The custom made should be able to draw the sketches in particulars. If they want to be able to do so, they need to understand human anatomy; otherwise, their drawings will be just silly and illogical. When a custom made is requested to develop details drawing from a single object, he should be able to draw the objects from unique angles. For instance, if a clothing company wants to see his design concerning a glove, the designer should be able to draw the shape and the form of the gloves from different angles and point of view: up, don, sideways, up-close, and many more. If he isn't able to do so, he won't be viewed as a professional developer. Moreover, the ability to draw is also important to offer the right guidance for the other workers. If a custom made can't create the sketches properly, the following working procedures won't be right. The person responsible for cutting the fabric may make errors when cutting for the length of the clothes or the person responsible for sewing the fabric won't be making the clothes properly because the guidance sketches are also mistaken.

Right now, there are drawing courses and classes for individuals who are serious in style industry. People can select the offline courses or the online ones. Don't underestimate such drawing courses as there are loads of things that the students should do and they're not all easy. From these courses, the students can also get various knowledge, details, and also tips concerning the subject. Hey can learn about layout daily news, silhouette templates, and also how to make sketches and styles with PC and software. After all, with the growing progress of technology and its usages, computer and other software is quiet important to help designers develop their drawings and sketches. So, in case anyone is involved in having such courses and become professional designer later on, be sure that their drawing ability and talents are escalating and developing.